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About us

Dandelion Market takes its name from a famous outdoor market that thrived in Dublin in the early 70's. Initially, the one man shop of Eamon "Sheepskin" Cannon sold sheepskin coats from his front doorstep. Friends soon joined in, selling various goods. People from all over would haggle with street vendors as it became the place to be, expanding into food merchants, performers, artists, and poets alike. U2 even played one of their first concerts there along the cobblestone streets!

The Dandelion Market became a place that was fashionable, yet essential to its city's life. It transitioned into a cultural landmark that today evokes nostalgia for a time when life was simpler, making it easier to focus on the important things like friends, food, and family. All this started from one man and his sheepskin coat. All part of what made that moment in time special: making a trip to 'THE DANDO'.